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Editorial Board

Advisory Board

Dmitri Rabounski
Editor-in-Chief, Founder

Florentin Smarandache
Associate Editor, Founder

Larissa Borissova
Associate Editor, Founder

Information about the founders of the journal can be found here

Editorial Board

Pierre Millette

Andreas Ries

Gunn Quznetsov

Felix Scholkmann

Ebenezer Chifu

Postal address

Prof. Florentin Smarandache

Department of Mathematics

and Science,

University of New Mexico,

705 Gurley Avenue,

Gallup, NM 87301, USA


ISSN: 1555-5534 (print)

ISSN: 1555-5615 (online)

Progress in Physics

Publication Policy

"All scientists shall have the right to present their scientific research results, in whole or in part, at relevant scientific conferences, and to publish the same in printed scientific journals, electronic archives, and any other media"    Declaration of Academic Freedom, Article 8.

About the Journal

Progress in Physics is an American scientific journal, registered with the Library of Congress (DC, USA): ISSN 1555-5534 (print version) and ISSN 1555-5615 (online version). Our journal is peer reviewed and listed in the abstracting and indexing coverage of: Mathematical Reviews of the AMS (USA), DOAJ of Lund University (Sweden), Scientific Commons of the University of St.Gallen (Switzerland), Open-J-Gate (India), Referential Journal of VINITI (Russia), etc. Progress in Physics is an open-access journal published and distributed in accordance with the Budapest Open Initiative: this means that the electronic copies of both full-size version of the journal and the individual papers published therein will always be accessed for reading, download, and copying for any user free of charge.

The journal is issued quarterly (four issues per year). Commencing in 2014 we changed the numbering of the journal volumes. Annual volumes are numbered year-by-year beginning from volume 1 (2005), while quarter issues will still be numbered as regularly (issue 1, 2, 3, 4).

Progress in Physics has been created for publications on advanced studies in theoretical and experimental physics, including related themes from mathematics. All submitted papers should be professional, in good English, containing a brief review of a problem and obtained results. Short articles are preferable. Letters related to the publications in the journal or to the events among the science community can be applied to the section Letters to Progress in Physics. All that has been accepted for the online issue is printed in the paper version of the journal. An abstract and the necessary information about author(s) should be included in the papers.

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts to Progress in Physics. The journal promotes individual academic freedom and will consider all work without regard to affiliations. For this reason, the articles published in Progress in Physics may not necessarily represent the scientific views of the Editorial Board or its individual members. All submissions will be forwarded to invited experts, whose professional field is close to the submission. Decision about the submission will be produced by the Editors, according to the recommendations obtained from the side of the reviewers.

Manuscript Submission

Authors are obliged to submit their papers in LaTeX format, strictly in accordance with the LaTeX template of our journal. To work with this template you need to have TeX software installed on your computer. It is essential that the submission be in LaTeX format that is the up-to-date standard of the professional scientific publishing. Incorrectly formatted papers (i.e. not LaTeX with the template) will not be considered. The LaTeX file(s) must be submitted to one of the following Editors: Pierre Millette (any submissions), Gunn Quznetsov (quantum and particle physics), or Dmitri Rabounski (any submissions). If accepted, the final typeset will be sent to you for proofreading.

Preliminary, authors may submit papers in PDF format. If the paper is accepted, authors can manage LaTeX typing. Do not send MS Word documents, please: we do not use this software, so unable to read this file format. Incorrectly formatted papers (i.e. not LaTeX with the template) will not be accepted for publication. Those authors who are unable to prepare their submissions in LaTeX format can apply to a third-party payable service for LaTeX typing (ask Ebenezer Chifu, Subject Editor, for detail).

Progress in Physics is a non-profit/academic journal for rapid publications, and its personnel work voluntarily. Authors must assist by conforming to this policy, to make the publication process as easy and fast as possible.

Copyright Agreement

Authors retain their rights to use their papers published in Progress in Physics as a whole or any part of it in any other publications and in any way they see fit. This copyright agreement shall remain valid even if the authors transfer copyright oftheir published papers to another party.

Payment of Publication Fee

Consideration and review process does not require any payment from the side of the submitters. Nevertheless the authors of accepted papers are requested to pay the page charges. Progress in Physics is a non-profit/academic journal: money collected from the authors cover the cost of printing and distribution of the annual volumes of the journal along the major academic/university libraries of the world.

The current charge is US $10.00 for one journal page. This is only the fee for publication, which covers the printing and free distribution of the printed issues of the journal for the major academic libraries of the world.

Authors can place an order for the printed quarter issues, for additional fee: $15.00 for one printed copy of the journal, plus $2.50/copy of postal mailing within the USA/Canada and $16.00/copy for overseas. At least 5 printed copies should be ordered. Contact the Editor-in-Chief for detail.

All payments should be made by PayPal (preferred), money order, international bank draft or by Western Union, in US dollars.

Most of the academic libraries of the world have moved to the electronic format. Therefore, commencing in 2014 we stop the printing of the quarter issues, which will be published and distributed electronically only. However the annual volumes of Progress in Physics will be printed. The academic libraries will receive the annual volumes for free.


Progress in Physics is supported solely by financial contributions from its authors. It does not accept financial support from silent donors, private groups, or organizations. The journal is officially hosted at Progress in Physics grants permission to anyone to maintain their own personal archive of the journal, provided that these remain for non-commerical, academic, or personal use and do not represent themselves as official sponsors of the journal.

Copyright Progress in Physics